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The Modernist Heritage Is Not Liquid – about the slated demolition of the Y-Block in Oslo, the Picasso mural, and the liquid society of Zygmunt Bauman / ITA version with pictures

AFTER COVID19 #2 – We should go back to the grassroots, reforming old and new housing standards to improve the quality of life / AFTER COVID19 #2 ITA version

AFTER COVID19 – It’s about time to start thinking about our next moves / After COVID19 ITA version

Farewell to Roberto Palumbo

/ Roberto Palumbo ITA version


/ Rotterdam social housing ITA version

Quadraro-City, Rome. Pictures 2016-2019 | Original ITA post

Low-rise in the Sky. The adventures of a social housing estate in London from the seventies to date | Original ITA post

Live the Weissenhofsiedlung Stuttgart. 1927-2017, insights and interpretations | Original ITA post

2018, Light Music, and Isotopes of Plutonium | Original ITA post

The latest metamorphosis. Story of an Architect โ€“ Zaha Hadid | Original ITA post

Windows onto the Third Millennium โ€“ Uemon Ikeda Exhibition | Original ITA post

The last days of Rome_s Docks | Original ITA post

Werkbund-Ausstellung-Cologne-1914 | Original ITA post

Deutscher Werkbund Exhibition in Bologna | Original ITA post

Living in the Stuttgart Weissenhofsiedlung. 1927-2017, in-depth focuses and interpretations | Original ITA post